Khruangbin are the coolest Thai-funk-inspired band you'll hear all week

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'Maria También' is one of the best new tracks of the week.

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Khruangbin – ‘Maria También

This uber-cool, exotic funk from Texan trio Khruangbin will add a colossal amount of class to any situation. Every bit of it sounds so great – the sharp, surfy guitar lines, the way the warm bass follows them, and the warm, dusty drums – and it comes together so beautifully.

Augie March – ‘Bootikins’

Augie March’s new album will be out in February and ‘Bootikins’ is the first taste we’ve had of it. It’s an epic piece of music from a band who aren’t shy of going all out when they see fit. It’s ambitious prog-rock with typically donnish lyrics courtesy of the ever-eloquent Glenn Richards and it’ll take us weeks to figure out what the hell is going on in there. Just the way we like it.  

Balance And Composure – ‘Body Language’

Pennsylvanian alt-rock/emo heroes Balance And Composure bring some beautiful bleakness in the way of their track ‘Body Language’. The guitars are huge, the vocals heartfelt and considered and the whole thing just packs a real punch.

Boy Azooga – ‘Face Behind Her Cigarette’

Transfixing indie rock from Welsh band Boy Azooga featuring deep grooves that’ll get into your bones and a vocal that’ll get stuck in your head. Note to the lady in the song: we’re sure you know that smoking is bad for you and let me tell you, quitting is very hard. Get it over and done with now.

Cool Party – ‘Lights Out’


Perth’s Olivia Gavranich performs as St. South. Melbourne’s Nick Acquroff performs as nyck. We’re not sure how they met and decided to collaborate, but we’re damn glad that they did, because the result – Cool Party – is brilliant. Their first track ‘Lights Out’ is a perfectly measured, assured piece of shimmering indie pop and the only irritating thing is that we can’t hear more immediately.

Dianas – ‘Somebody Else’


Originally from Perth, now calling Melbourne home, Dianas bring together the sweetest of harmonies (seriously, listen to them) with guitar-heavy indie rock that is both loose and driving. It’s a curious match but it works absolute wonders.

George FitzGerald – ‘Burns’

Wanna dance? Throw on some George FitzGerald. Wanna cry? Throw on some George FitzGerald. ‘Burns’ is his latest piece of emotive, exploratory, deep-but-danceable electro goodness and one of his most exciting yet. It takes 90 seconds or so to kick in, but when it does, you’ll feel the requisite feels.


ILUKA – ‘Sympathy’


Need to take care of business? Allow us to introduce you to ILUKA’s new single ‘Sympathy’. This brassy piece of pop genius is so high energy that you’ll be up and moving as soon as she’s made her way through the first verse. Her voice is powerful, the arrangement is punchy as hell and the whole thing is both hugely impressive and a whole heap of fun. Just click play.

YEBBA – ‘Evergreen’

YEBBA – the performing name of American singer-songwriter Abbey Smith – gives us stripped-back, laidback soul on ‘Evergreen’. One of those flawless songs that makes you want to walk around on tip-toes while its playing, so you don’t disturb its beauty.

30/70 – ‘Nu Spring’


The jazzy soul of Melbourne’s 30/70 is mighty impressive from a musical standpoint – that much is immediately obvious. But the real victory of a song like ‘Nu Spring’ is that it shows the band eking themselves a unique position in what is a heavily populated (and high calibre) jazz/funk/soul scene in their home city.

There is no way to adequately describe the vocals of Allysha Joy that will do her justice, and no way to encapsulate just how hard that trumpet (nope, it's an alto saxophone) solo hits when it bursts through halfway through the song. This is a complex and exciting piece of music that serves as a journey well worth taking.