Best New Music - Wallace, Charles Bradley, Esperanza Spalding and more - March 7, 2016

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The best new tracks added to Double J this week.

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Asdasfr Bawd – 'Underpass'

Almost unpronounceable Melbourne producer Asdasfr Bawd makes beautifully dark, bassy, electro. You won't believe what happens next...

Charles Bradley – 'Ain't It A Sin'

There's a reason they call Charles Bradley the 'Screaming Eagle of Soul' and it's very evident at the 15 second mark of 'Ain't It A Sin'. The heavy groove backs him up really kicks, but the showpiece will always be that wonderful, gritty vocal. 

Coda Chroma – 'Car Tapes'


Coda Chroma are a duo from Bendigo playing dreamy indie pop. 'Car Tapes' is taken from their new album of the same name, which should be out later this month. 

Dope Lemon – 'Uptown Folks'

Angus Stone's new project Dope Lemon feels just a bit looser than the work he does with his sister. It also features one of the best song titles of the year thus far. 

Gold Panda – 'Time Eater'

Gold Panda is back with more inventive post-dubstep electronica. We're not sure what that piano-type sound is that runs throughout the 'Time Eater's duration, but it sets a pretty unique mood. From his fourth studio album, Good Luck and Do Your Best, out this May.

Damien Jurado – 'Exit 353'

'Exit 353' is more widescreen folk-rock magic from the brilliant Damien Jurado. Big, layered vocals, looser guitar strumming and sweeping synth strings make this sound real pretty, while the big fizzy solo and dusty beats scuff it up a bit. 

Melbourne Ska Orchestra – 'Funkchunk'

The sprawling Melbourne Ska Orchestra sound both massive and snappy on their new single 'Funkchunk'. It's a perfect intersection of ska, soul and pop. 

Beth Orton – 'Moon'

From the moment Beth Orton starts singing in her new track 'Moon', it's an immediate reminder of how poorer we'd be without her in our lives. It's a step away from the folk she gave us on 2012's Comfort of Strangers and a tantalising taste of what's to come when her new album Kidsticks hits shelves in May. 

Esperanza Spalding – 'Earth To Heaven'

There are plenty of reference points that come to mind when hearing 'Earth To Heaven'. It has the soulfulness and afrofuturist feel of Janelle Monae, with the dark, dirty and complex musical arrangements of '70s prog. But, like all great artists, Esperanza Spalding doesn't really sound like anyone else at all. Her latest album Emily's D+Evolution is out now.

WALLACE – 'Negroni Eyes'


'Negroni Eyes' is more perfect, sophisticated soul-pop from one of Sydney's finest young talents Wallace