Didirri has a disarming charm and a voice from the gods

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This young songwriter is full of great stories, songs and sage advice.

The first time I saw Didirri I left after one song.

It wasn’t because he sucked. The room was full, I was in a bad spot, barely inside the venue, and I couldn’t immerse myself in his show as full as I had wanted. So I left. I owed it to him and to myself to experience his show the right way.

So I got to Brisbane’s Laruche early last night in order to stake a spot to properly . There’s a lot of hype around the 22-year-old and, sure enough, the room packed out quickly.

His disarming charm was evident before he sang a note, as he told a cute story about accidentally trying to buy a child on a recent trip to China. But when he launched into his first song, a cover of Joe Pug’s brilliant ‘Bury Me Far (From My Uniform)’, it became clear that, with a voice like his, he could have the charm of a wet fish and still be astounding.

There is a strength and resonance to the way he belted out his songs. Importantly, he knew its power and utilised it in all the right ways. He stepped back from the mic for his biggest notes, and those rich tones easily fill the room and delight his crowd.


His songs are strong too, heartfelt pieces of Americana-style modern folk inspired by failed relationships, the power of friendship and even Frida Kahlo. Once you’ve grown accustomed to the immediate power of his voice, the quality of his songwriting shines through. You can tell there’s a healthy respect for great, classic songwriters in his work, and as he works on his craft he’ll surely write some genuine gems.

Between each song he spun relatable little anecdotes. He was funny and a little self-effacing, and at times imploring his audience to learn from mistakes, to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol and to not get high on Codral and coffee and drive to your ex-girlfriends house in the middle of the night.

As he grows more experienced and gets many more road hours under his belt, his collection of stories will undoubtedly grow and his live show will evolve as a result. It’s almost as exciting a prospect as the thought of new music from the young artist.

One of the many cliches about the music industry is the quest for an artist who is ‘the full package’. With charm and talent like his, Didirri will find himself in hot demand very, very soon.