Hear Father John Misty sweetly lampoon social media culture

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‘Ballad Of The Dying Man’ is one of the best tracks of this week added to Double J.

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Father John Misty – ‘Ballad Of The Dying Man’

Here’s a fun idea. Next time you’re together with a bunch of music loving mates, ask them to listen to Father John Misty’s ‘Ballad Of The Dying Man’ and tell them who they think it sounds like. Most will probably say Elton John, some will say Neil Young, others might suggest George Harrison, or even less credible Californian soft rockers like Eagles or Seals and Crofts.

Then they’ll probably catch a line, and the debate will turn from who he sounds like, to whether or not he is a total douchebag.

His lyrics are a point blank shot into the heart of modern internet-driven culture. You know, that desire to deliver the best opinions and the right hot takes, to uncover the frauds and the fools.

At its core, the message is kinda cliché – none of this means shit once we’re dead and in the ground. But Tillman works in so many acerbic lines while getting his point across that it’s far more entertaining than it would’ve been in other hands.

‘So, says the dying man, once I'm in the box, just think of all the overrated hacks running amok
And all of the pretentious, ignorant voices that will go unchecked
The homophobes, hipsters, and 1%, the false feminists he'd managed to detect
Oh, who will critique them once he's left?’

Even if you don’t like Tillman’s trademark wry observations on the world, you’ve gotta admit he writes one hell of a sweet ballad. 

All Our Exes Live In Texas – ‘Boundary Road’

We cannot wait to hear When We Fall, the debut album from Sydney’s All Our Exes Live In Texas. We’ve been ready for it since the first time we heard their glorious harmonies. It’ll be out in March, but for now you can enjoy the sad, tender ‘Boundary Road’ to tide you over. 

Dirty Projectors – ‘Cool Your Heart’’

David Longstreth and co hook up with acclaimed R&B art pop artist D∆WN for the latest single from the forthcoming eponymous Dirty Projectors record. The skittish electro-pop of the Projectors is almost painfully restrained and could very well put you on edge. That’s just where they want you. It’s been a long time between records for the collective and this song suggests they’re going to deliver another modern classic when the album drops in a couple of weeks. 

Fishing – ‘Have A Seat’

Another fun and inventive electro jam from Sydney’s Fishing, whose new EP Pleasure Dome is further proof they’re doing this kinda stuff better than so many others. 

Hayley Couper – ‘Caught Up’


Gee there is some fine music coming out of Hobart at the moment. Hayley Couper’s ‘Caught Up’ isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, but it doesn’t need to. It’s just really high quality, mature, pop music. That smoky voice and those dark guitar and synth lines create a very dark but very inviting sonic atmosphere. After you hear this, you’ll want more. 

Phil Kieran – ‘Blinded By The Sun’

Phil Kieran’s slow-churning minimal house jam ‘Blinded By The Sun’ feels like a bit of a throwback. It’s the kinda track you’d throw on at 4am when you used to stay up that late. But while the Irish electro mainstay isn’t going for anything futuristic here, it doesn’t sound dated either. Taken from the album of the same name, out now. 

Kingswood – ‘Golden’

Not sure how familiar you are with Kingswood’s past work, but ‘Golden’ doesn’t sound a whole lot like it. It’s a mid-tempo, soulful song that that sits somewhere between Powderfinger and Chet Faker. People are gonna love it. 

Lonely Boys – ‘The Hunter’

One of Australia’s most underrated bands, Lonely Boys, give us another three-and-a-half minutes of irresistible, hugely danceable reggae-tinged rock’n’roll. Anyone in the know would have heard ‘The Hunter’ before, it’s been a mainstay of Lonely Boys’ set for a few years. But it’s about to come out on an EP of the same name, so hopefully the rest of the country will get a chance to fall for these guys as well. 

Alexandra Savior – ‘Mirage’

Young Portland singer Alexandra Savior has one of those voices that’ll stop you in your tracks. The kind that makes you want to listen to every word she says. It’s a good thing that the words on ‘Mirage’ are so worth absorbing. So is the music, a masterfully arranged piece of proficient avant-pop that sounds so very sophisticated. Get excited for her debut album, Belladonna of Sadness, due later this year. 

Tinariwen – ‘Assàwt’

Tinariwen are one of the world’s best rock bands. That might sound like a lazy compliment, but I could not be more sincere. Their brand of desert blues is so powerful that it will send you into a wonderful trance without you even realising it.

‘Assàwt’ is as good a place as any to begin; it’s got their amazing musicianship – always employed in the most tasteful of ways – their infectiously energetic vocals and that propulsive groove that you can just lose yourself in so easily.

The song is from their latest album Elwan, which just came out last week.