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Canadian trio BADBADNOTGOOD play a mix of jazz, post-rock, instrumental hip hop and electronica and show off the best of those skills on their latest record, III.

While III is the band's third album, it's the first that features all-original material. It shows the diversity of the band's output and, most importantly, their musical proficiency. These guys are seriously talented musicians.

Their jazz training initially made them great musicians. But their work as a backing group for Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean, plus support shows for Roy Ayers and their work on the The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack have made BADBADNOTGOOD an incredibly well-rounded outfit. The piano, bass and drums that drive the majority of the songs all come together so perfectly, though never in a predictable fashion. It's occasionally discordant or offbeat, but it always works.

This album is forward-thinking but accessible. Its long tracks and hypnotic grooves make it music to get lost in. Their slinky jazz occasionally gives way to big, bassy breakdowns ('CS90') or leads us through creepy electro territory ('Can't Leave The Night'), and you could imagine an MC having a field day if they got their hands on any of these tracks.

This is not an album for purists. In opening themselves up to both jazz and hip hop audiences, they're also running the risk of ostracising both of them. The thinking behind III, and indeed the entire BADBADNOTGOOD project, is to create something that hasn't been done before rather than make something instantly relatable.

III is not your average jazz record and it's certainly not your average hip hop record. It's an exciting piece of music from an act that is truly unique.

III is not your average jazz record and it's certainly not your average hip hop record.