Feist has returned to remind us that she's the best

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Feist's 'Pleasure' is one of the best new tracks added to Double J this week.

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Feist – ‘Pleasure’

New Feist!

Six years on from her brilliant Metals record, she has confirmed that she’ll return with Pleasure in late April. This title track is the first thing we’ve heard from it and it is so good.

It’s a gritty, spacious, bare-bones kinda track that somehow balances a kind of primal aggression with melodious sweetness and it sounds completely seamless. The song has monumental peaks and troughs, both in sound and emotion. It winds through moments of blues, indie rock, folk, garage and something completely

It also shows that Feist is not looking to replicate anything she’s done before. She’s a maverick and, importantly, she pulls it off.

The only concern now is whether the rest of the album is going to be as thrilling and progressive as this brilliant first preview. 

Joe Goddard – ‘Home’

One of the main creative forces of Hot Chip and The 2 Bears, Joe Goddard, is going it alone for a bit, and after hearing ‘Home’, that kinda makes sense.

It’s a smooth, funky demonstration of a side of Goddard’s music that has always been hinted at in his other acts but never fully explored. It’s electro-soul with lashings of funk and disco, and a hefty hat tip to many great soul artists of the past. Of course it’s still got that driving beat behind it, so it’s still definite dancefloor fodder. 

The New Pornographers – ‘High Ticket Attractions’

Canadian indie supergroup The New Pornographers can do no wrong. This great new track ‘High Ticket Attractions’ is very synth heavy, which makes their power-pop sound even more reverent of the ‘80s than usual. The hooks, the sounds, the voices, the general vibe… everything we love about this band is here in spades. 

sir Was – ‘In The Midst’

Sweden’s sir Was gives us a glorious, woozy throwback to cinematic soul and deep trip hop grooves of the past on ‘In The Midst’. It’s a stunning sounding track and written in a way that you never really know where it’s going to go next.

The Blaze – ‘Territory’

French duos do electronic music so damn well. They often have such a classy approach to the genre that it just sounds immediately elevated. The Blaze are more Air than Daft Punk (truthfully they don’t sound a thing like either) on this chilled out, slow-building electro that has both a familiar and otherworldly quality that is so endearing. 

Blaq Carrie – ‘Lemme Ride’


Brisbane (via Zimbabwe) rapper Blaq Carrie gives us some tasty old school vibes on ‘Lemme Ride’. Soulful hip hop with a laid back flow and a beat that lends itself to involuntary head bounces. 

Daniel Trakell – ‘Paradise’


Wistful indie folk from Aussie mainstay Daniel Trakell. It’s gentle and beautiful, Trakell using his high register and weeping lap steel to hit us where it hurts. And make sure you wait for those horns – they’re stunning. ‘Paradise’ is the third single from Trakell’s new EP which is out this Friday. 

Roland Tings – ‘Slow Centre’

Roland Tings gives us plenty to unpack on ‘Slow Centre’. The groove is hypnotic, the sounds are sweet, the build is gentle and the space is glorious. It’s no frills, lo-fi electro that doesn’t hide behind anything flashy. Run to it, dance to it, sleep to it. Whatever works. 

The Waifs – ‘Higher Ground’

Australia loves The Waifs. ‘Higher Ground’ is perhaps the best song from their recent number one album Ironbark, which you should familiarise yourself with if you’re heading along to catch them at their 25th anniversary shows. Those harmonies are just perfect and the song itself is reminiscent of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, which is seriously high praise. 

Coda Chroma – ‘Fishing Line’


We really like the smart electro pop of Central Victorian duo Coda Chroma. We added their great ‘Car Tapes’ last year and are now very happy to report that their new track ‘Fishing Line’ might be even better. Kate Lucas’ vocals grab you immediately, but then a big, horn-driven chorus hammers the whole thing home. It’s just really intuitive pop music and that bridge towards the will bring back plenty of memories (and stay in your head forever).