Love Radiohead? Don't sleep on Braille Face

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Braille Face's 'Run For Your Life' is one of this week's best new tracks.

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Braille Face - ‘Run For Your Life’

It’s not easy to make complex music sound beautiful. Emotion and technicality aren’t the happiest of musical bedfellows. But when it works - and plenty do make it work - it’s so enriching.

Enter Braille Face, a brilliant Melburnian musician who uses restraint and space to let his stunning beats, piano and outstanding voice breathe. A guy who doesn’t overcrowd his music, but layer it deftly.

Once you hear it, you’ll pick that it’s an obvious comparison, but Radiohead fans should not let ‘Run For Your Life’ pass you by. Most artist who try and sound like Radiohead fail dismally. While we’re not sure of Braille Face’s intentions, he hasn’t fallen flat here.

Beck - ‘Up All Night’

Beck goes all modern radio-friendly pop on ‘Up All Night’ and we have no complaints about that whatsoever. The man excels at everything he does, he knows where his creative strengths and limitations lie and uses them to his advantage. This is glossy, fun, adventurous and everything we love about Beck in this mode. Bring on that new album, Colors, out next month.

Black Rabbit George - ‘Bring You In’

Tijuana Cartel’s Paul George gives us a hypnotic, beautiful piece of rustic folk with ‘Bring You In’. It bodes well for his Black Rabbit George project, which is his chance to pursue his passion for storytelling in a more intimate sense.

The Bronx - ‘Two Birds’ 

Everyone’s favourite Californian punks The Bronx have gone all classic rock on ‘Two Birds’. The vaguely psychedelic throwback is a whole lot of fun and way more melodic than what many might expect. Their fifth record is out next week.

IBEYI - ‘Deathless’ Ft. Kamasi Washington 

Our favourite French-Cuban twin sisters Ibeyi sound fiercer than ever on ‘Deathless’. This is dark, almost evil soul music with a stark but deep groove, and the sax of Kamasi Washington is a brilliant accompaniment. We loved Ibeyi’s last album, but ‘Deathless’ suggests their new one Ash will be even better. We’ll find out at the end of the month.

Jess Locke - ‘Universe’

Thoughtful indie-pop from Melbourne’s Jess Locke. It’s well-crafted, relatable and, while it’s kinda unobtrusive musically, there’s something about her voice that makes you want to listen to every word. It has a kind of languid charm that makes it super endearing.

The Money War - ‘Hold On’


There are more than few hints of classic rock in the hazy new track from Perth’s The Money War. The guitar line that opens the track sounds like it could come from a long lost John Lennon track, while the charming vocals from both Dylan and Carmen also have an imminently familiar feel. There’s absolutely nothing wring with that when it’s done this well.

Peter Sonic - ‘The Cracks’


We love it when an artist seems to just appear out of nowhere with something really special. Peter Sonic’s single ‘The Cracks’ is a fully-formed piece of musical gold. His voice, the production, the songwriting, it all works completely perfectly. We cannot wait to hear what else he has in store for us.

Phoenix - ‘Ti Amo’

Another bright pop gem from the always slick Frenchmen of Phoenix. It’s got a bit of a retro feel to it and all that upbeat charm that makes the band such perennial favourites.

St. Vincent - ‘Los Ageless’

We now know that St. Vincent’s new album will be called MASSEDUCTION and will be out next month. ‘Los Ageless’ is the second track we’ve heard from it and it’s a far more musically ambitious cut than the stunning ‘New York’. It’s big, bold pop, with huge production and an even huger hook. It’s kinda theatrical, but still gutsy. Basically, it’s Annie Clark operating at her most intense and we’re all for it.