Marlon Williams returns stronger than ever with 'Vampire Again'

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Marlon Williams – ‘Vampire Again’

New Zealand-bred, Melbourne-based songsmith Marlon Williams has been so prolific in his touring of late that it doesn’t feel anything remotely like two years since we last heard new music from him.

Thankfully he’s made the time to write while on his travels, because ‘Vampire Again’ might be his best work yet. It’s got a bit of that old-time country crooner vibe that he does so well, but it’s given a completely modern makeover.

It’s not just in lyrics like ‘It felt like yesterday I was as weak as Woody Allen’, it’s in the attitude, the pounding drums and the gently persistent/relentless guitar solo too. We can’t wait for more new music. 

Diron Animal – ‘Ncrazy’ (ft. Spoek Mathambo)

Diron Animal was born in Angola and now lives in Portugal. Spoek Mathambo is a hugely respected South African producer and writer. Both artists make music that is hugely influenced by their cultures, and they somehow meld together brilliantly on ‘Ncrazy’.

Seriously, if you can stand still listening to this song, you should consider seeking medical advice, its groove is frenetic but captivating and the rhymes are furious but fun. ‘Ncrazy’ is the perfect song for anyone who feels jaded about the progression of modern music, it’s so full of spirit that you it feel untouchable. 

Angharad Drake – ‘Bullet’


The sweet, hushed folk of Brisbane singer-songwriter Angharad Drake is just so endearing. Her voice is one you want to make friends with. Which makes it even more spooky when she sings lyrics like ‘People come and go, don’t care who I lose’, ‘I don't wanna know if I did you wrong, I don't really care if you're tearing up’ and the particularly chilling chorus line, ‘I’ve got a bullet babe, but I don’t have a gun’.

It’s deep and dark, but utterly beautiful at the same time. The work of a truly fascinating artist who continues to blow us away with her music. 

Ivy Sole – ‘Rooftop’

‘Rooftop’ is brilliant on so many levels. Ivy Sole is an incredible singer, rapper and producer, and all those talents shine strongly on the track’s surface level. But dig a bit deeper into her lyrics and learn about her insecurities, her feelings on race and how deep the love she feels for her partner is. She covers so much ground and does it with utter class. 

Indian Wells – ‘Cascades’

Italian producer Indian Wells has crafted a truly piece of cinematic electronica that will have you dreaming of expansive skies, lush, mountainous landscapes and that feeling of entirely unfettered freedom. Add this chilled electronica to your early morning playlist and get the day started right. 

Gold Class – ‘Rose Blind’

Drum, the second album from Melbourne post-punk wonders Gold Class, hits us on Friday and we cannot bloody wait to get our mits on it. ‘Rose Blind’ was the first single they released from the record, and it features a typically pummelling rhythm section, jagged, vacillating guitar lines, and a straight-ahead, no bullshit vocal from Adam Curley. He has said he wanted Drum to be a defiant record, and he’s certainly succeeded here. 

Alvvays – ‘In Undertow’

The hazy sweetness of Canada’s Alvvays has won so many hearts in the past and it’s not hard to understand why once you hear ‘In Undertow’. The humble but engaging voice of frontwoman Molly Rankin and the mildly noisy band behind her gel together perfectly. It’s not complex, but it sure is pleasant. 

Portugal. The Man – ‘Rich Friends’

Another catchy, huge-sounding piece of stadium indie from Portland rockers Portugal. The Man. Taken from their recently released eighth LP Woodstock

Pat Chow – ‘Green Eyes’


Perth’s Pat Chow remind us that you only need a couple of chords and two minutes to make an impact, so long as you put some heart into it. Ben Protasiewicz is honest in his excellent lyrics about relationships, drinking and apathy, but at no stage does it sound like he’s looking for sympathy, which makes you wanna buy him a beer rather than nod and smile politely.

Frankly, there’s nothing new in this song, but that doesn’t matter. The band take some core pop song elements and play from their heart, not their head. It works. 

Saskwatch – ‘Gemini’

Melbourne band Saskwatch have a great new record called Manual Override out now and ‘Gemini’ is one of the many highlights from it. This soulful take on classic pop sees the band step it up in terms of both songwriting and production, which is really saying something when you think about how good their other records have been. The band are tight and inventive as ever, the strings add grandiosity, but Nkechi Anele’s voice remains the highlight, as per usual.