You know you’re a Double J listener when…

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Myf Warhurst gives us 16 ways to tell if Double J is your kind of radio station
  1. In your mind the ‘90s were only ten years ago, but when you do the math you’re shocked that it’s over 20. Every. Single. Time.

  2. When you go to a gig, you spend more time thinking about parking than about what you’re going to wear.

  3. When you go to a stadium show you leave two songs before the end to beat the traffic. Or you choose to stay until the house lights are on because you’re having the greatest night of your life and you might as well get the most out of the babysitter’s time. Another drink?

  4. When the latest festival line up is announced, it gets you razzed. Then you realise it’s a camping festival and all of a sudden, you’re waiting for the sideshow announcement.

  5. You will only attend festivals held at wineries.

  6. When Client Liason perform in their ‘80s garb, you can’t help thinking how much they look like your first boyfriend from high school that you did you deb with (do people even do debs anymore? Your woke self now questions this archaic institution, but hey, you did learn to waltz, so that’s a win).

  7. You put way too much thought and preparation into choosing your child’s first concert.

  8. When Jeff Buckley comes on the radio you cry like a drain and remember those turbulent ‘90s times and then start thinking that things really haven’t got much better, have they? Cue more crying.

  9. You reckon Winona Ryder has still got it and that Johnny Depp was an idiot. And is still an idiot.

  10. You’re finally old enough to have a good enough job to own a really good stereo and your 20-something-year-old record collection never sounded so good.

  11. When you go out, you go harder. Because you don’t do it as often as those spring chickens. And while you’ve got more cash to spend on a decent drink, the quality doesn’t matter, because the hangovers can last for days.

  12. You work for a multi-national corporation but still accuse musicians of selling out.

  13. You listen to triple j in your car and you only know one song out of five. And it’s a  “classic” from the ‘90s.

  14. When presenters on triple j talk, you need to look up the meaning of certain words on Urban Dictionary. (eg. WTF is a 'Shoey'?)

  15. You think the Mom Jeans that the young women are wearing now are a little on the unflattering side. But you also know, that it’s not ok to judge others by their appearances, so you keep that to yourself. But really, a long zip fly does no-one any favours, does it?

  16. You say that Ecstasy was better in the 90s.

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