These pets are even cooler than the musicians they're named after

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They are all very good boys and girls.

What better way to prove your devotion to a band than to name your pet after your favourite muso? It’s a little more committed than just wearing a band shirt.

I named my dog Bowie before the singer’s untimely death (after which it became a bit sad to shout his name at a dog park).

When Something More host Tim Shiel received a gorgeous pic depicting a dog called Bjork (after playing a track from the Icelandic icon on air) – it had us thinking about the concept of naming our pets after a famous artist.

We asked you to share your musician-named-pets (let’s face it, as nothing more than an excuse to look at cute pictures of animals) and here are some of the best.

Kate Thompson had a classical theme, calling one dog Woofgang Armadeus Mozart and another Johann Sebastian Bark (yes, we see what you did there Kate). Her cat didn’t escape the pun treatment, with the moniker Claude de Pussy.

Imogene malcom - Maynard James Kitten.jpg
Maynard James Kitten. Photo by Imogene Malcom.

The puns didn’t stop there, with Kim Mcintosh referencing Cat Stevens, and Imogene Malcolm introducing us to Tool’s enigmatic frontman Maynard James Kitten.

Paula Gill-Kriesl - Tim.jpg
Tim. Photo by Paula Gill-Kriesl.

Paula Gill-Kriesl didn’t get away with calling their ginger cat Minchin when she put it to her kids, so had to settle for Tim to denote the musical comedian instead.

Judy Nash - Florence.jpg
Florence. Photo by Judy Nash.

Judy Nash named her little red dog Florence after ‘another powerful red-headed lady’.

Michelle Courtney - Hendrix.jpg
Hendrix. Photo by Michelle Courtney.

There are also plenty of Hendrixes (image by Michelle Courtney)

Jess Bristow - Bowie.jpg
Bowie. Photo by Jess Bristow.

And Bowies (image by Jess Bristow)

polly jean photo by steve coates.jpg
Polly Jean. Photo by Steve Coates.

And a couple of Polly Jean’s after PJ Harvey (image by Steve Coates).

Christiane Pennefather - Ziggy.jpg
Ziggy. Photo by Christiane Pennefather. 

Some people got a little meta with the Bowie concept, with Christiane Pennefather calling her horse Ziggy

Andrew John Hughes - Major Tom.jpg
Major Tom. Picture by Andrew John Hughes

And Andrew John Hughes calling his cat Major Tom.

Alison Breach - Iggy Pop.jpg
Iggy Pop. By Alison Breach

Alison Breach has a nod to the inimitable Iggy Pop (pictured with a suitable expression).

Sez Anne - Bernard.jpg
Bernard. Photo by Sez Anne.

Sez Anne named her cat Bernard in 1997 as he was sporting a similar hair colour to the Powderfinger frontman at the time. Unfortunately, her Bernard passed away two months after the band broke up.

Lan Yon - Tripod.jpg
Tripod. Photo by Lan Yon.

Lan Yon named his three-legged cat after comedy musical trio Tripod.

Kelly O'connor - Zan.jpg
Zan. Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Finally, our own Zan Rowe also got a mention, with Kelly O’Connor naming her dog after the triple j Mornings presenter and Bang On co-host.

If you named your pet after a musician – or you just want to look at some really great pictures of animals – head to our Facebook page and get involved.