Pop futurist Lonelyspeck is Adelaide's best kept secret

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Lonelyspeck has decided to be more direct in their new songs. And it's paying off.

It’s not easy to be yourself. 

Some truly great artists make entire careers out of jostling themselves from one construction to the next, artfully dodging themselves while creating a series of beautiful facsimiles along the way.

It takes courage to put yourself into your music. And, as a listener, that kind of openness can be a little hard to define. But it’s just one of those things - you know it when you hear it. You know when someone is being real.

“I think I made a conscious effort to make more direct songs,” says Adelaide producer Lonelyspeck. “More direct and to the point, lyrically as well. I think I wrapped things up in metaphors before. Now, there’s always a feeling that I can talk about what I’m feeling directly. It’s kind of therapeutic in that way.”


Lonelyspeck is Adelaide songwriter and producer Sione Teumohenga, whose recently released debut EP Lave is a masterclass in expansive modern pop music.

Lachie Macara from triple j Unearthed said it best when he left this review on Lonelyspeck’s Unearthed page: “Every new song Sione makes creates a new orbit I want to float in.”

But what makes Lonelyspeck’s music so compelling, is that feeling of openness. It might sound cliched, but Lonelyspeck’s songs demonstrate just how much strength can be found in vulnerability.

Sione recently dropped by the studio to talk to me about their love of pop music, their Mum’s favourite karaoke song, and about drawing inspiration from a recent trip to Tonga.

Listen to the chat here:


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