Sheep farming, ‘70s sci-fi and Childish Gambino: the first month of Bang On

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A cheat's guide to all the things Myf and Zan were banging on about through March.

In case you missed it, a couple of the country’s favourite music presenters Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe have started a podcast called Bang On. The premise is simple; they pretty much just bang on about the best bits of pop culture you may have missed.

Here’s what happened in the first month.

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Episode One:


The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale Of The Lake District

The ‘unexpected’ Bang On award went to Zan in the first week for being enthralled by – wait for it – sheep farming. Listen out for an unfortunate comment that they refused to edit out, despite Zan’s parents listening…

The Shepherd’s Life: A Tale Of The Lake District explores what life is like in this less than glamorous and all-consuming profession.

“The best books are the ones where you read about an area or subject you had no inkling about but are thoroughly enthralled by,” Zan says.

triple j Hack: The gender gap in the Australian music industry

Myf’s head was turned by a report put together by triple j’s Hack on the gender gap in the music industry. The stats weren’t all doom and gloom, with Myf reflecting on her own experience in the profession.

“I know we have a long way to go in terms of female performance in music,” she said. “But I’ve had a really positive experience as a woman working behind the scenes, which is something that’s not always acknowledged.”

Hear episode one of Bang On right here

Episode Two:


The New York Times: 25 songs that tell us where music is going

In week two, Zan was reading an epic New York Times think piece that looks at 25 songs that covers the identity of music, featuring some unlikely artists.

Westworld (1973)


Instead of heeding Zan’s recommendation to watch the acclaimed TV series, Myf went back to watch the original Westworld film on which the current show is based. She mused that perhaps the bad reviews that attacked its ‘70s quirks were unwarranted.

“Who goes to a ‘70s sci-fi film not enjoying the excellent huge desktop computers and moustaches?” she wondered. “It was hilarious and terrible. If you loved the ‘70s look I urge you to see it.”

Hear episode two of Bang On right here.

Episode Three:


Planet Earth II


In episode three, Zan was pretty impressed with the desert episode of Planet Earth 2 (which Myf thought was Duran Duran’s hit single). She also loved how some people weren’t aware of the role of a Foley Artist.

“The crazy microscopic lenses they have can’t also be picking up the sound of a millipede dancing in the rain!”

Barunga Festival

Following on from the latest line-up announce, Myf reflected on her time at the Northern Territory’s Barunga Festival last year, an experience that has stayed with her.

She avoided swimming in the river thanks to rumours of a crocodile, despite the locals being strangely casual about it.

Hear episode three of Bang On right here.

Episode Four:




Week four had Zan catching up with SBS series Atlanta. The show was created by Childish Gambino and is the story of a college dropout who becomes the de facto manager of his rapper cousin.

“There’s moments of them getting played on the radio then it cuts to their house and they’re just sitting around getting high and being bored and asking what’s next,” she said. “So it’s really normal.”

Terrace House


Myf matched Zan in the binge-watching stakes with Japanese reality series Terrace House. She said it is the antithesis of the usual conflict based medium.

“There’s no stupid tasks or eating food that makes you vomit,” she said. “All it is, is six people in a house getting along. I think it’s the future of reality TV. I don’t want Pete Evans’ tan or people yelling at each other on food shows, this is just beautiful.”

Hear episode four of Bang On right here.

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