This Week's Five Best Film Clips: 11 June, 2014

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Jack White looks cool, Mike Watt goes kayaking and a couple of Kiwi acts go crazy with the special effects.

Liam Finn – 'Burn Up The Road'

Using visual effects that make them look like they're in a 1998 video game, Liam Finn and Australian outsider indie artist Kirin J Callinan face off in an intergalactic motorbike battle. It's such a stupid concept for a clip and it's so much fun to watch. At no stage does it try to be cool or edgy, it's just a straight up, cheesy few minutes of bad effects and bad acting. It helps that 'Burn Up The Road is a the kind of high octane song you'd want playing if you were ever in some kind of space bike contest. 

Jack White – 'Lazaretto'

Given he's one of the biggest rock stars on the planet right now, it comes as no surprise that Jack White's newest film clip is all slick and shiny. It's arty, edgy and looks like it cost a million bucks to make (the sports car alone would've blown out the budget), but most importantly it fits with the song so seamlessly. White and his band slam out the song, while, for dramatic effect, some unknown force smashes a whole heap of glass. Presumably it's the rock'n'roll that's making it happen (except for the one instance in which it is most definitely a baseball). Very cool.

Sweet Apple – 'Let’s Take The Same Plane'

There wouldn't be too many people who've ever thought "I'd really to see Mike Watt go kayaking". Thankfully there are people like John Petkovic out there who do have those thoughts, and turn them into film clips like this one. (As it happens, Watt is a pretty keen kayaker. He probably didn't take much coaxing.) It's a quiet tune for Sweet Apple, best known as the band J Mascis plays with when not busy with Dinosaur Jr or his solo work, and features the legendary Mark Lanegan and excellent session musician Rachel Haden. 

The Phoenix Foundation – 'Bob Lennon John Dylan'

New Zealand's The Phoenix Foundation are one of the great unsung indie-rock bands of the past almost two decades. They've just released a new EP called Tom's Lunch and this great tune 'Bob Lennon John Dylan' is from it. The clip they've made for the song is just as good as the tune as well, showing the band cruising through tunnels on train tracks as they perform the song. It's a real trip.

Guided By Voices – 'Bad Love Is Easy To Do'

The past couple of weeks have seen indie rockers of yore express their wry sense of humour in film clip form quite a bit. Last week we had Bob Mould taking the piss out of himself, above we see Mike Watt going kayaking and now Guided By Voices have joined in with their Simon & Garfunkel/general '60s folk parody for 'Bad Love Is Easy To Do'. Performing as Pollard & Sprout, Bob Pollard and Tobin Sprout pretend to appear on a TV show and fight over Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls/La Sera fame. It's very stupid but quite funny.