The thrilling cultural experiences of WOMADelaide 2017

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WOMADelaide isn't like any other festival.

There aren't many festivals where you can purchase a bottle of local wine, lay your picnic rug out on the grass, and comfortably leave it there all day while you float between seven stages.

What makes it extra special is the sense of community and inclusion.

WOMADelaide is a truly unique experience, where the Kidzone is a performance area in its own right, rather than an afterthought. This year's program included Mem Fox doing a reading and book signing. I'm pretty sure as many adults as children would have liked to have been at that one!

Among the beautiful towering trees of Botanic Park in Adelaide, flags peppered the sky amongst installation art pieces that glowed at night, each emitting a unique sound.

Wandering the grounds, you are just as likely to have members of last night's headline act standing next to you as fellow punters, all applauding performers from around the globe.

This year's line-up was seriously special, with everything from Chilean hip hop talent Ana Tijoux to Japanese fusion group Oki Dub Ainu Band to legendary UK ska band The Specials.

There are always a few artists that get people talking, this year Tago were one of them. Hailing from South Korea, it felt like a fusion of taiko drumming and humour, which seems like an oxymoron. But the cheeky expressions, expert drumming and acrobatics were definitely one of the highlights of the festival.

The Soil proved that a capella has life outside Pitch Perfect, and their beatboxing and harmonising workshop was full of people wanting to know their secrets. WOMADelaide is about more than just the music - we learnt to dance and sing in workshops across the long weekend, with cultures from all over the world.

Even Sunday's rain didn't stop the enthusiasm, as crowds continued flamenco dancing in the rain and learning West African dance with gusto, despite the serious gusts of wind.

You're guaranteed to find some unusual things at WOMADelaide and this year was no different. During the day you would see grown men riding dodos and chasing children screaming with glee. By night, strange creatures with giant light bulbs for heads roamed the grounds.

With its street theatre, workshops, music, delicious food, and beautiful site, WOMADelaide is a unique celebration of cultures from around the world. But what makes it extra special is the sense of community and inclusion that the weekend brings.

It is truly a celebration of this diverse and talent-filled world that we live in, and is without doubt one of the most important cultural festivals in Australia.