You need to listen to Lucinda Williams

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Why Lucinda Williams needs to be a part of your life.

If you have yet to hear Lucinda Williams, I think I may have just made your day. Her slightly slack-jawed delivery gives her a curious immediacy that sucks you straight into her words. She has you leaning in to her all too personal stories of love and loss.

As soon as she has your beckoning chin in the palm of her hands, she is likely to deliver a straight-talkin' sucker punch of wisdom. At once innocent and naïve, but also world-weary and universal, she balances on a tightrope that she walks down with ease. She is one of my favourite songwriters.

Lucinda has been consistently delivering her truth-bombs for decades now. Her slightly off-kilter delivery and obtuse narratives were first embraced in the late '80s. She seemed to stumble out of relative obscurity, straight into the glare of the bright lights of the stage in this live performance of 'Crescent City'.



Ten years on from this clip, she made what many consider her best album (and my personal favourite) Car Wheels on a Gravel Road with Steve Earle on co-production duties. 'Ride in Time' is one of my favourite album openers of all time.


Let’s move ahead another decade or so, and she is still four to the floor, shaking the Letterman floorboards.


She recently proclaimed she is still at her best right now, writing and singing better than ever. Exciting news, given she has a new album out next year. I can't wait to interview on the Tower of Song for my final show of the year on Monday 7 December.

I hope she treats me as well as she does the Melbourne folksters Luluc. When they were on my show last week, Zoe talked about how Lucinda took them under her protective wing. Check out their take on Lucinda's songwriting process and her generosity with her wardrobe!


Hear Lucinda Williams on the final episode of Tower Of Song for 2015 from 8pm Monday 7 December.