Your tributes to David Bowie

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David Bowie's passing has had a profound effect on Double J listeners. Here are some of your tributes.

We've heard from thousands of David Bowie fans since his passing. From casual listeners to Bowie devotees, it seems like almost everyone has felt the profound effect of Bowie's death.

Here are just a handful of the very many tributes you've made through our Facebook, twitter and text line. You can continue to do so at any time. We can grieve and celebrate this amazing life together. 

David Bowie Performing Live in the 80s
Bowie performing live in the '80s

Bowie was an inspiration. I feel he was not of this planet. When I found out he died, I just didn't think that it was true. You sometimes forget that he's human. But there'll always be comfort in listening to his music. That's the legacy he leaves. – Yasmin, Wollongong

Gutted to hear that David Bowie is no longer with us. Have fun up there with Freddy. – Tom, Brisbane

Man, one of the saddest days of my life. Born in the early '60s Bowie was are thing in the '70s. He rocked, he rolled, and later on he popped. Long live Mr Bowie, you legend, we all love you, miss you and let's party too. – Anon

I was a 16 year old oddity in Bendigo in the late 80s and won a radio comp to interview Bowie live on air. I had no idea what he was on about at the time, when he told me about breaking eggs for his image to come spilling out,  but as I've aged I've made my own meaning. And that's what he did - gave so many their own meanings. We're so lucky we had him as long as we did. – Tash, Bendigo

I'm picturing Lemmy welcoming Bowie with open arms into the rock'n'roll departure lounge... Stevie Wright returning from the bar with a round of welcoming drinks. All my music heroes are leaving the planet. – Chris

I feel like the world has just changed and will never be the same... – Anon

I haven't enjoyed listening to the radio this much since the '70's. Just goes to show how much joy Bowie brought to people's lives. Thanks for playing Bowie tonight. – Carol, Brisbane

Surely Bowie is in the top 10 in the history of musical notes ever written - the likes of Lennon, McCartney, Presley, Dylan & Jackson, he was up there somewhere. RIP to one of the best. So, so sad. – Anon, Gold Coast

David Bowie Diamond Dogs Extended Cover Censored Album Art

Tragic. I saw his Spider concert at Kooyong c1987 and will forever remember getting very drunk (for the first time) to repeated playing of 'Modern Love' on the jukebox at a 21st birthday party in 1983 at the tender age of 16! My hangover the next day was one for the ages. A very sad day for the music world. – Damian, Hampton

I can't remember how young I was when I first discovered Bowie, or rather he allowed me to discover him. So many nights sitting in a beanbag with headphones on, studying every intricate sound off vinyl in old fashioned two-channel stereo. I even had a pair of his famous 20 pleated pants. I'm 51 now, he just turned 69. Mortality is real. Raising my glass and pricking my ears. Too many music legends are leaving us. I want to go wherever they are. It will be one hell of a jam session. – Brian, Melbourne

I can hardly believe it Bowie RIP his music has always been in my life, from the first time I saw him back on Countdown in the 70's I was hooked.  Sad beyond words. – Mal

Somewhat hard to believe. One of the greatest creative minds has passed away. We all have our time, but David Bowie defined the times so often. His new work is brilliant, and despite his age and back catalogue I feel like we have just been robbed of so many more wonderful songs. – Anon

Devastated at David Bowie's death. He was my first musically love. He hung on my walls, I saw him 9 times, spoke to him at a press conference, dreamt about him as a teenager. Tears. – Lara, Coogee

We're reeling at the news. Went to see the David Bowie is exhibition last October and was reminded by what a huge impact he had had on generations of musicians, fashionistas, artists and the followers of all those cultural pursuits over generations. An icon yes but one who touched very personally the lives of millions... Even little ol' me growing up in country NSW through the '70s and '80s . So many of his songs punctuated important moments in my life. It's like losing a friend – Meri, Canberra

Bowie was the first musician my husband and I bonded over when we first met.  He was the genius who fell to earth. The world is a better place having had him in it. – Crystal, Melbourne

While Elton does Vegas, the Stones do back catalogue and Rod does Christmas songs, David Bowie brings out a challenging album to rival anything he has done over the past 30 years. The voice is as strong as ever as this remarkable artist takes us on another interesting journey. – Rick, Mount Pritchard (sent just hours before Bowie's passing)

David Bowie Low Album Cover Art Detail

Feeling sad and shocked David Bowie has been a musical constant in my life since I was 12 yrs old. Very sad for his family his music will always be with us. – Cathy Lowden

Took 20 years but finally saw him in Sydney (Reality Tour '04). Made a point of not listening to the album first to experience it live. Left me weeping.  Someone gave me a bootleg of that night. Still gives me shivers. Now I weep for another reason. I didn't think I would be living in a world where Bowie isn't. – Ally Gardiner

David Bowie has been my most favourite beautiful genius out there creative musician ever since I can remember. From Ground Control to Major Tom, we will miss you. – Marianne Mckeon

So devastating to hear this news!! I began listening to Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars in my early teens!!! Made such an impact on me, I've never forgotten! Even got the haircut!!! Absolute genius and legend! So grateful his music lives on and I can still dance and sing his songs!! RIP Mr Bowie!!! – Pru Jones

My bedroom walls were covered in David Bowie posters in the 70's... loved him. He passed the same day as another legend my 99 year old mother in law! – Joanne Smith

So many memories and moments of my life experienced and enriched by this unique talent. Was lying on Mackenzie beach around 1980/81 when down the hill came Bowie to film the clip for 'Let's Dance' The world is a lesser place now he has left us. Beautiful man. – Jane Parsons

David Bowie, you gave us so much, so many great hits, songs, albums, films. Thank you. But for me featuring Australian indigenous people in your video clip. 'Let's Dance' in the 1980's was one of the greatest gift of all humanity. RIP. – Reni Nania

Oh you pretty things don't you know yare driving you're driving your mamas and papas insane. I used to sing this to my daughter to get her asleep at 6 months old. What an absolute tragedy. Indeed he will be missed. – Adrian George

Devastated. My heart just broke. My childhood hero has gone forever. RIP you fine man. You taught me so much through your music about being able to be different and to be proud about being non mainstream. I owe you big time. ♡ – Shannyn Edwards

I can't think of another artist who's stayed so relevant and creative over my entire life time. The world is less today because of his passing. – Karen Wise