Jen Cloher, one of Australia’s most vital voices, joins Double J in September

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Jen Cloher will celebrate 100 of the best songs performed by Australian women all month.

We’ve always loved Jen Cloher. But, since the release of her latest, self-titled album, we’ve gone Cloher crazy.

The album is very, very good. Her lyrics are heartachingly personal and laugh-out-loud funny. Musically, her blend of familiar rock and ambitious atmospheric moments are right on point.


We’ve wanted to get her onboard as our Artist In Residence for a hell of a long time. Now feels like the perfect time for it all to come together. So we’re very pleased to announce that she will be Double J Artist In Residence all through September.

Jen Cloher has a special four weeks of music planned for us through September, focusing on 100 of the best songs released by Australian women.

We’ll let her do the talking about how and why she chose both the theme and the songs when her show kicks off. For now, we can only suggest you tune in and hear plenty of amazing music and heaps of great insights into what makes it so special.

“I was inspired by a list that NPR put together – The 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women – and I’ve been working my way through those records and discovering all sorts of music that I never knew about,” she says of her months’ theme.

“So I thought it would be a really cool thing to take a similar approach, but looking at women in Australian music.

“I’m going to take you through all sorts of different genres, we’ll go right back to the early 60s and into the present day. It’s 100 standout tunes - really strong, solid and beautiful songs by some extraordinary songwriters and performers who just happen to be women.”

Cloher is currently on tour in support of her new record, and she and her band are in excellent form. The shows are largely made up of tracks from the new record (make sure you’re familiar before she comes to your town) with a sprinkling of highlights from her previous record In Blood Memory and one cracking cover that we won’t spoil for you here.

The shows feel as intimate as the record and we’re sure her incredibly personable nature will shine through as she introduces you to some of your new favourite songs, as well as reminds you of some old favourites, on Double J this month.

Hear Jen Cloher as Artist In Residence from 3pm each Sunday on Double J, repeated at 10pm Wednesday nights.