Kevin Mitchell takes over Lunch on Double J

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The Jebediah frontman returns to radio for four special shows

Whether it’s out the front of Aussie indie rock icons Jebediah, or by himself under his Bob Evans nom de plume, Kevin Mitchell has been a big part of Australian music for well over 20 years now.


But he’ll be using the mic in a very different way for a few days, as he joins the Double J team to fill in for Myf Warhurst, who is taking a short but well-earned break, for four big shows next week.

This isn’t the first time we’ve roped Mitchell in to offer up us his musical expertise and general charm to the Double J audience. He shared the role of Artist In Residence with Adalita back in 2014, where he proved he was a natural when it came to talking about music and basically sharing his knowledge and insights. Not that we were surprised.

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But he is taking on the lunch shift all by himself for these shows, joined only by some very special guests through the week, including Tim Rogers, Sarah McLeod and Emma Russack.

We can’t wait to welcome him back to our studios and hear him on our radio, TV and online all through the week.  

Have Lunch with Kevin Mitchell, Monday 28 August to Thursday 31 from 11am on Double J.