Myf Warhurst Remembers George Michael

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As the tributes roll in for iconic British pop singer and former frontman of Wham!, George Michael, Myf Warhurst says she feels like she’s lost an old mate.


“It’s just so sad. I feel like I’ve lost a musical mate from my childhood which gave me glorious pop. As I grew up though, I realised his music had far more depth than he was ever credited for in the 80s.


“Faith was probably one of my favourites. In 1988 I remember going on a school trip and doing a dance to 'Faith' in front of my class. I also sang all the words to 'I Want Your Sex' and all my school mates thought I was outrageous - until they leant them too!


“We had the Choose Life and Go-Go t-shirts, which was pretty extraordinary considering we were in a small country town - he cut through to all areas.”


Speaking on George Michael’s influence in the music industry, Myf said:


“He was an incredible artist and an incredible pop star. All those hits were extraordinary. He produced his own records and played his own instruments and leaves behind an unbelievable musical legacy - he sold over 100 million records - who does that?!”


Myf also reflected on the impact the pop-star had on the LGBT community after coming out, later becoming one of the world’s greatest gay icons.


“He didn’t come out until 1998, and he helped to redefine how sexuality was portrayed in music.”


Speaking on the hit single ‘Outside’, Myf said: “He really had a great sense of humour on how he was treated when he was hounded by the press after that lewd act in the toilet. He gave the press the middle finger, and showed us that we could be whoever we wanted to be."


Tributes from some of the world’s most iconic musicians are coming in for the British pop singer who passed away at the age of 53 on Christmas Day.




Wham! had incredible success with hits such as ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’, ‘Freedom’ and 'Careless Whisper’ plus the season favourite ‘Last Christmas’. Wham! Sold more than 25 million records worldwide from 1982-1986.


In 1986, George went solo and continued his success with tracks ‘Faith’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Outside’ and many, many more.


This month, George Michael was putting on the final touches on his documentary film, Freedom. The film was scheduled to air in March 2017.


"I feel too numb to type. So beyond sad," Paul Mac