The Streets have reformed for a greatest hits tour

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Mike Skinner gets his old band back together.

In 2011, Mike Skinner put his project The Streets to bed after five records, a string of huge singles and a completely unique approach to hip hop that brought UK garage to the masses all around the world.

Now, he’s resurrecting The Streets, with a greatest hits tour set to happen through the UK in April of next year.


Since he ended the group, Skinner has kept himself busy making records with Rob Harvey of The Music as The D.O.T, DJing clubs around the UK and producing records for up and coming MCs. But it’s come time to bring The Streets back into action.

“I’ve missed tour buses very much. Which is the least of the reasons why I have decided to tour The Streets again,” he said in a statement overnight.

“The other thing I’ve missed is trying to think up what I’m going to say in the gap between the songs. When you DJ they tell you that you don’t need a tour bus and you don’t need to think up things to say between the songs.

“But seriously, it’s been long enough. With my Tonga parties, the new rap and grime MCs I have been producing and the DJing, I have been living with music since making The Streets for nearly as long as I made The Streets.”

He acknowledges that his relationship with live performance has changed a fair bit since disbanding the project that shot him to fame

“I’m not the guy smoking in the car anymore though, I have become the guy in the club, so I hope I will be excused for putting on after parties in nightclubs after every show.”


The Streets exploded in 2002 with their debut record Original Pirate Material, which featured much-loved tracks like ‘Has It Come To This?’ and ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’.

Their follow-up, 2004’s A Grand Don’t Come For Free, was a masterful concept record that tells the story of Skinner losing 1,000 quid, meeting and breaking up with his girlfriend, having myriad different drug experiences and dealing with the emotional anguish that went with the territory.

That record’s ‘Fit But You Know It’, 'Blinded By The Lights' and ‘Dry Your Eyes’ went on to become signature songs in The Streets’ canon.


So far, Skinner and co have locked in six dates around the UK, which we can only imagine are going to be enormous, but no work on whether he intends to take it further abroad.

Some of The Streets’ final ever performances took place in Australia as part of the Parklife festival in 2011. Given the love for his work in this country, you’d have to imagine Australia is in Skinner’s sights if these initial shows go down well.

Watch this space.