We’ve got your New Year’s Eve party playlist sorted

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Let Double J take care of your New Year’s Eve playlist

New Year’s Eve can be a bit stressful sometimes.

There’s all that pressure to make it the best night ever.

You’ve gotta ensure you have exactly the right combination of snacks and drinks to cap off the year perfectly.

And, if you’re hosting a party, you have to make sure the music keeps everyone happy. You don’t want to bring on those awkward silences that happen when your phone accidentally plays a podcast or you accidentally play the cheesy karaoke version of ‘Let’s Dance’.

While can’t bring around a bottle of champagne and some dip, we can help with that last part.

In what is becoming something of a tradition, we’ve put together what we reckon is the ultimate New Year’s Eve party playlist. It features music from a mix of genres and from all across the years. What they do have in common, is that they’re all perfect party jams.

So make sure your digital radio, TV, mobile phone or computer is set on Double J and let us take care of your New Year’s Eve playlist.

Hear plenty of old favourites and some of the best tracks of this year in our perfect party playlist. Saturday 31 December from 2pm through til 2am on Double J.