Programs & Schedule

  • guy-garvey-artist-in-residence-profile-572x384.jpg
    Hosted by: 
    Sundays 3-

    Elbow frontman Guy Garvey will join you each Sunday afternoon in April, with his

  • Myf Warhust  Episode Default
    Hosted by: 
    Weekdays 1

    Join massive music fan Myf Warhurst as she plays new releases, talks to musicians and dips into o

  • Emma Swift  Episode Default
    Hosted by: 

    Revelator has wrapped up on Double J.

  • Caz Tran  Episode Default
    Hosted by: 

    Caz Tran keeps you up with the best music of the week each Saturday arvo.

  • Lance Ferguson  Episode Default
    Hosted by: 

    Get your dance on and gear up for big night in or a huge night out.

  • Tim Shiel Program Index Image
    Hosted by: 
    Tuesdays 8

    Brave and creative sounds, electronic music and beyond.

  • Specialprogram Thumb
    Hosted by: 

    Special shows are well, special.

  • Karen Leng Program Image Default
    Hosted by: 

    Covering post rock, punk & pop, ambient and acoustic sounds, The Beat Eclectic is a show for

  • Jfiles Program Image
    Thursday 8

    The J Files brings together artists and fans to share and explore the stories behind the music yo

  • Thespot Thumb
    Hosted by: 
    Monday 2-3

    A place where musicians, artists and other guests share songs and the stories behind them.

  • henry-wagons-tower-of-song-thumb-572x384.jpg
    Hosted by: 
    Mondays 8-

    Henry Wagons spins music that plays with the emotions, tugs at the heartstrings and brings the ou